Team Management and Development

  • Lead a proficient technical team, providing mentorship, development, and coordination.
  • Ensure that team members possess the necessary skill sets and qualifications to meet South African regulatory requirements and deliver on the organization's objectives
  • Perform job/PDMS evaluations on each team member at least once in each quarter. 
  • Recruit, select, and retain talent that builds on diversity as a strength as required
  • Planning of operations and staff according to the complexity of buildings and user demands daily
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable statutory requirements, legislation, and site operating procedures daily
  • Assessment and training of employees to define and address the learning and development gaps yearly
  • The entrenchment of the RITCH Values within the team daily
  • Attend meetings as required

Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

  • Establish, implement, and maintain rigorous quality control procedures to guarantee that all work adheres to the highest standards. 
  • Ensure strict compliance with statutory requirements, closely monitoring and addressing any deviations to maintain regulatory standards.
  • Ongoing quality management (internal audits to verify service quality and other contractual obligations, correctness of invoicing according to contract and pricing concept) daily
  • Ensure and document operational know-how and experience on plant and equipment daily
  • Creation and documentation of job specifications, risk assessments, method statements, and measurable delivery standards as required
  • Creation of transparency of service delivery at each site daily
  • Disaster recovery concept planning and management as required

Oversight on the Supervision of 3rd Party Services

  • Oversee and provide overall sign-off on all specialized 3rd party services, contractors, and service providers. 
  • Ensure that their work complies with regulatory standards, meets quality expectations, and aligns with safety measures and site operating procedures as required

Repairs and Maintenance Management

  • Oversee the management of repair and maintenance activities, facilitating efficient solutions to maintain assets and systems. 
  • Minimize downtime, optimize operational efficiency, and create a safe and functional environment for all occupants.
  • Creation of work plans, workflows, staffing, and schedules according to the quality management system of the client ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 as required
  • Operations planning and monitoring daily
  • Maintenance planning and monitoring daily
  • Development, planning, and implementation of re-commissioning initiatives as required
  • Root cause analysis of failures, reoccurring incidents, etc as required
  • Consulting with the client`s FM team as required

Asset and System Optimisation

  • Identify opportunities to optimize the performance and lifespan of assets and systems. Implement energy-efficient solutions and sustainable practices to improve operational efficiency.
  • Develop, implement, and drive a maintenance engineering approach through optimisation and innovation which adds value to the customer through the reduction of costs, higher efficiency levels, and market-leading practice daily
  • Adjustment of operation and maintenance strategy according to condition of equipment, to meet SLA with the technologies, to meet value preservation rate of the client as required
  • Long-range maintenance planning, and capital replacement planning as required
  • Optimisation of material management, and spare part management daily
  • Evaluation of equipment status as required
  • Develop proposals for improvement (service, organisation, processes, modification of systems, etc.) as required
  • Energy Management, Energy saving proposals daily

Documentation and Reporting

  • Maintain meticulous records and documentation of all engineering and technical service activities. 
  • Provide detailed and regular reports to the relevant senior management teams and regulatory authorities to ensure transparency and compliance.

Populate and submit the monthly report

  • Ensure that information requested from any of our customers is submitted by their required date unless otherwise agreed to as required

Budget Management

  • Contribute to budget planning and management, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to support maintenance, repair, and engineering activities



  • B Technical degree/BSC Engineering Degree (Prefer - Electrical) 
  • Engineering Degree (BSc., BTech and BEng in Electrical or Mechanical) and passed the Law (Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations) exam 
  • GCC - Government Certificate of Competency (Prefer - Factories) will be an added advantage


  • At least 10 years experience working with similar systems
  • Appropriate competence for the role
  • Ability to deliver precise and concise reports
  • SAP

Skills and Knowledge

  • Good commercial knowledge
  • Proven staff management skills
  • Ability to deliver precise and concise reports.
  • Good knowledge of monitoring and operating equipment in a production environment
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering training and exposure including RCA, FMECA, RCM, etc.
  • Working in FM environment including the understanding of the day to operational solution and requirements
  • n-depth OHSA and Environmental Management Knowledge
  • Performing risk assessments and method statements
  • General Machine Regulations training and exposure
  • First Aid Training


  • Willingness to take on additional work with a can-do attitude
  • High level of personal motivation
  • Initiative/ Proactivity
  • Guiding and utilising resources
  • Problem Analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Relationship building 


700,000 - 900,000 ZAR

Yearly based


Western Cape , South Africa

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1 week ago
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2mos 2w
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Full Time
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Team Leader
Bachelor Degree
10+ Years
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Western Cape , South Africa